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Our curriculum is tailored for executives and their teams, marketers, sales staff, entrepreneurs, fundraisers, and change agents of all kinds.

The Big Idea

Distill your message into one captivating idea

The most effective storytellers focus all their genius and effort on bringing one powerful big idea to life. The big idea is our most important message and the essential thread that seamlessly connects all of our stories, data and communication elements. Successfully piloted with Ted Talk Speakers, this workshop provides the critical backbone to help teams be more strategic and successful in planning all forms of internal and external communication.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Understand how to frame their communication plan to create the strongest emotional connection with the audience and accelerate decision making
  • Laser in on the audience’s current blindspot that is stalling them from taking action
  • Cut through the clutter to unearth their big idea and use it as their north star
  • Create a big idea statement using a simple formula that helps align content, teams, agencies or creative
  • Leverage a set of proven and powerful tools to avoid missteps and save countless hours

Influencing Through Storytelling

Wrap your naked data in a warm blanket of emotion

Built on brain science, this workshop creates powerful shifts in the way we communicate internally and externally. Participants will shift from gaining no traction in presentations and communications to inspiring a “yes” from even the toughest audience.

This workshop is divided into three parts:

  • Brain Science: Uncover the truths behind the power of stories. Leverage brain science to shape beliefs, change minds and inspire people to action.
  • Metaphor: Are you struggling to articulate a product or concept? Learn how to build emotionally rich metaphors that help your audience see and feel your core idea.
  • Story-wrapping: Data is often vital to a presentation’s success, yet our brains are not wired to remember or emotionally engage after listening to it. Learn the seven tools that help you wrap naked data in a warm blanket of emotion.

Greenlight Stories

Learn the #1 story pattern that inspires people to action

Not all stories are created equal.  In fact, research shows Greenlight Stories outperform all the rest by creating a strong emotional connection and inspiring people to action.  Although they can be told in many ways, the essential characteristic of a Greenlight Story is transformation – it shows a change of condition.   From rags to riches, from underdog to an inspiring leader, from garage startup to a Fortune 500 brand. This workshop equips participants to transform vague examples into sharp, delicious narratives by making some simple but critical changes to heighten their effectiveness.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Leverage the brain science behind transformation stories and understand why they are the #1 story pattern our brain pays attention to
  • Master simple techniques that dramatically strengthen the emotional connection with an audience
  • Use the Greenlight Story Pattern to elevate and transform existing marketing materials into powerful narratives that motivate people to pay attention
  • Translate longer Greenlight stories into shorter formats that work well in social media, emails, articles, blogs and videos



Many of our most popular programs are listed, but we enjoy the challenge of customizing training for your team.  Give us a call or shoot us an email – we look forward to connecting.