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Major in Influence

Story U trains leaders and their teams to confidently use storytelling in both high stakes and every day communication. All workshops are available in keynote, full and half day formats or through executive coaching.

Our Method

It all started with the desire to get a “story education” tailored for business people.

As an author, marketing professional and brand builder, I knew firsthand that stories are a powerful accelerant in the marketplace – driving new product sales, propelling the adoption of new ideas, and attracting support and resources to worthy projects and causes.

In over a decade of studying story, I realized that most books, workshops and training programs on storytelling are designed for screenwriters, teachers and authors – not business people. So, I gathered a diverse team of partners and allies to create training and tools to harness the power of story in both high-stakes presentations and daily business communication.

We built our story-based methodology on brain science.

We did our homework and discovered over 1,000 pieces of primary research on how our brains respond to stories – rich data just waiting to be mined through a business lens.

With over 50 years of practical business experience and three solid years of research, building, and testing, we created one of the first science-based story training programs for business people. We worked in partnership with a generous group of Fortune 500 clients, non-profits, small business owners and thought-leaders to shape and refine our program.

Our goal was to create training that transformed jargon-spouting salespeople and bland data-driven leaders into influential storytellers. We discovered that brain research had powerful and tangible applications for business communications – and the research informed a new set of story-based solutions.

Our most exciting contribution to the “story world” has been a science-based set of narrative building tools that we use in our workshops and executive coaching to help influencers enhance their daily communication. Today, our curriculum, training and tools are used by many of the world’s most inspiring brands and are taught in MBA programs at top institutions, including Stanford University.

Story telling can help you.


Increase your team’s influence within your company and enroll people in a common vision


Speed up the sales cycle and win more business by emotionally engaging your customers


Transform a fidgeting, glassy-eyed audience into a room full of people inspired to take action


Change a widely held (negative/limited/false) belief


Increase financial giving, volunteering and overall support for your mission


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Many of our most popular programs are listed, but we enjoy the challenge of customizing training for your team. Give us a call or shoot us an email – we look forward to connecting.